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  Step 1
Define Your Process
Step 2
Become More Efficient
Step 3
Manage all Documents
Step 4
Many Applications
Tell us how things work at your firm

In this first step select a process to automate using one of the given templates. Select who will start the process and who will handle each subsequent step. You need to add a user name / password and email address for each user and set any logic between the tasks using the provided UI.

If however you wish to customise and personalize a process to fit your operations – just click on the attached and answer the questions and we will get back to you with a customized process.
A process is a collection of tasks.

Break your process down into tasks. Place them in sequential order – we know that sometimes tasks can happen in parallel and we cater to that too! Set a task name and a description so that users know what they have to do! Once you've done this you have a basic process Map!
Who needs to perform each task?

A task can be assigned to one user or to a group. Tell us who handles each task – give the people handling each task a group name. A user group can be for a team or for an individual
Do they need help to complete a task?

Users may need a form to capture data or checklist to work with. The form can be as complex as it needs to be and can contain information and business logic that drives the process. For example set approval limits and exposure limits on processes so that the right person approves a customer or internal request.
What decisions can they make on completion?

Once users complete a task or if for some reason they are unable to complete a task what can they do about it? Send the instance forward to the next task, return to a previous task for rework or even forward the instance to a special approver.
Add your users into the groups you created and start using your process

Register your users on the system with a user name and password and an email address so that the system can deliver alerts – Add your users to the various groups you created and you are ready to get the eDGEVANTAGE.

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